“Davis scores on all points, but the first thing you notice is that voice. She has a reedy, almost husky quality to her tone, matched with a casual delivery that’s both inviting and a bit sultry.  It’s almost as if she’s kissing each lyric as she delivers it. First and foremost,  Lizzie Davis is a singer you won’t soon forget. Davis also has a great ear for hooks.  Nearly every song on the album features at least one line that sticks in your head long after the song’s finished playing. She’s got enough of a modern edge to appeal to fans of contemporary indie rock like Feist and Nicole Atkins, but her music’s so rooted in timeless standards that she’d sound perfectly at home played alongside Linda Ronstadt and Patsy Klein on pop radio.”

– Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

“There’s a lot going on here, and all of it positive. Her wide-ranging songs have heart, her clear-burning vocals and dreamy execution demand that she sport purple hair and favor vintage Victorian wedding dresses along with a Hello Kitty tattoo. Please don’t spoil my imagination if any of that is wrong.”

– Carl Gauze, Ink19

“[Latitudes] boasts an intensely soulful brand of folk that could resonate with both those who appreciate the popular and those who stick to the classics. [Lizzie’s] sound is reminiscent of some of the 90s’ strongest female singers and songwriters and would’ve been perfectly suited for the stages of Lilith Fair.”

– Izzy Cihak, Philthy Mag

“Two-plus years after turning heads as a 17-year-old with her self-titled debut album (under full name Elizabeth Davis), singer/songwriter Lizzie Davis returns with an even better followup in “Latitudes.” With a distinctive — and ear-pleasing — voice, and some wise-beyond-her-years songwriting chops, Davis knocks it out of the park on this 12-track indie pop gem. You won’t find a bad song in the bunch, and Davis shines especially bright on “Geography,” “On My Mind,” “Broken Things,” the title track, “All About the Weather,” “Summer Days” and “Reason.” The sky’s the limit for this remarkable young artist.”

– Jeffrey Sisk, The Daily News McKeesport

“Lizzie Davis’ Latitudes is genuinely one of the best records I have heard in quite some time. Every lyric, every guitar strum, every drum stroke, feels so heartfelt, emotional, and natural. Lizzie Davis has quite a career ahead of her, and I can’t wait to hear what she has to offer next. Latitudes is one of the standout LPs of 2013 so far, so I suggest you jump on board.”

– Melissa Nastasi

“Accompanied by warm guitar strumming, her folk melodies are paired with tender pop vocals like that of a songbird, and a casual delivery which make for a soothing listen. When listening to Latitudes, you’re embraced by her sweet disposition, intimate performances, and heartfelt, honest songs that hit themes of love and daydreaming (“Latitudes” & “On My Mind”), nostalgia (“Geography” & “Broken Things”), breakups (“Don’t Wait Up”), revisiting the familiar (“All About The Weather”), letting go (“Little Brother”), freedom (“Getaway”), and others. It’s a good album, and I’m sure Lizzie Davis will rise to big things.”


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