“Child of Moving On” Cover – Caroline Smith

Just finished a cover of one of my favorite songs for heartbreak, “Child of Moving On”.  It was written by Caroline Smith, an artist who has impacted me hugely.  It’s been so fun to watch her musical evolution unfold – now she’s writing bluesy, soulful tunes that would sound right at home played alongside Otis Redding and The Sweet Inspirations. Check her out here.

Finished tracking!

Just a week ago I started recording with Ben Brodin at ARC here in Omaha.  Miraculously, we managed to finish all of the tracking in seven days.  I could not be more excited about how this record is turning out, and I think you’ll like it too!  It was such an incredible experience getting to record at ARC.  They have some really unique vintage equipment – a soundboard custom-made for George Martin, microphones from Neil Young’s studio (into which I got to sing!), etc.  Can’t wait to get this one mixed and mastered.  Keep an eye out for it this fall.

Last Night at 2914

Thank you to everyone who came out last night, in spite of the Denver snow. I was so happy to have the chance to return to Colorado, and to play for such a welcoming and attentive audience. Great thanks to Anthony for keeping the shop open so late. I had so much fun with his hollow body electric that I think I’ll have to get my hands on one myself some day soon.  Until next time, 2914.


Tuesday Nights at the Blind Poet

One of my favorite parts of living in Scotland has been the pub culture.  I love the idea of the pub as a social center for the community, love to see the regulars chatting convivially over their pints.  By far the best pub I’ve found here in Edinburgh is the Blind Poet, where I’ve been fortunate enough to play shows every Tuesday.  I can’t even express my gratitude for the warm, welcoming, and attentive Scots who have come round to hear me play every week!  Here’s a video from one of the shows.