New Recording for AS220’s Sampler

Last month, I had the chance to be part of a marathon recording session and exhibit by AS220 artists-in-residence Tony Kapel and Maite Josune. Bands and artists from Providence were given 30 minutes to record an original track that Tony and Maite mixed and mastered later. Their aim was to create an exhibit focused on the process of capturing a song.

Even though we only had half an hour together, it was so much fun working with Tony and Maite. Thanks to their mixing, the finished recording is different from anything I’ve done before. Check it out below if you’d like, and don’t miss the other artists on the sampler.

Tour Dates!

Could not possibly be more excited about the little tour Mitch Gettman and I are going on this month! Hope you can make it to one of these shows!

5/15 – Lowell, MA – Brew’d Awakening – 1-3pm
5/16 – Dover, NH – Dover Teen Center – 7pm
5/17 – Burlington, VT – Radio Bean – 7pm-9pm
5/18 – Shelburne Falls, MA – Mocha Maya’s – 2:30-4:30 pm
5/19 – Brooklyn, NY – Branded Saloon – 10:30pm-12am
5/20 – Rochester, NY – Boulder Coffee House – 8-10pm
5/22 – Lockhaven, PA – Ave 209 Coffee House – 7pm-9pm
5/23 – Cortland, NY – Blue Frog Coffee – 7pm-9pm
5/24 – New Paltz, NY – Cafeteria – 7pm-9pm
5/25 – Plaistow, NH – Sad Cafe – 6pm


Mitch and Lizzie

Ode to Omaha

On one of my last nights in Omaha, I recorded this video with my very dear friend Mitch Gettman and the talented Kyle Forrest. The temperature was below zero, but the view of the modest skyline from the fire escape was too lovely to pass up. The song is by Mitch, as yet untitled.

First Single from New Record “Latitudes”

"Latitudes" (2013)

“Latitudes” (2013)

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of my new record, “Latitudes”, on September 24!  I’m pretty thrilled about this one and I think you’ll like it too.

This baby came together in a week and a half at ARC right here in Omaha, with the help of multi-instrumentalist and all around godsend Ben Brodin.  I couldn’t be prouder of what we completed!  Here’s the first single, “Geography”.  Hope you enjoy it.